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Spring into the season

Spring is such a fantastic season, as Mother Nature gets into gear and new shoots of life start to pop up everywhere. Along with rhubarb and the potential arrival of early asparagus (we can hope!), we’re looking forward to more fresh produce arriving in-store this month, along with tender young lamb.

Last post I shared a number of lamb recipes, and I never tire of the variety of ways to serve this tender meat, particularly while it’s in its prime. Easter is traditionally celebrated with roast lamb, and the reason for this is attributed to it being lucky to meet a lamb in past centuries – it was a popular superstition that the devil could take the form of any animal, except a lamb because of its religious symbolism.

Whether it’s to be believed or not, in Greece a whole lamb is often roasted on a ‘souvla’, or large spit, at Easter, and while most of us settle for just a leg or shoulder it’s a tradition we’re happy to keep.

Talking of new shoots, E. H. Prior has recently opened a new store at Creake Abbey’s Food Hall in North Creake. It’s a fabulous site and well worth a visit if you haven’t been, with shops, a café and provisions alongside our new counter.

Of course, although we’re growing, we’re still busy ensuring our Dersingham store continues to serve the best high quality meat, delicious homemade ready meals, hot pies and local produce. With the village recently voted ninth in The Sunday Times’ 20 best villages in Britain to live, we hope we’re doing our bit to make it such a great place to live.