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When it comes to the quintessential Sunday roast, high quality, locally farmed Norfolk beef takes some beating. Grazed on grass, our beef is farmed ethically and the result is a joint that cooks and tastes like beef used to.


Venison is a fantastic alternative to beef and can be cooked in a wide variety of ways – quickly grilled or slowly braised, it’s also fantastic minced and served as a tasty burger. Packed with protein and low in fat, E. H. Prior’s venison is predominantly wild and sourced just up the road, from the Sandringham Estate.


Along with beef, pork is one of the most popular meats sold at our Norfolk butcher’s stores and rightly so as we stock free range Large White Hampshire Cross pigs farmed by Tim Allen at Morley Farm, South Creake. Locally farmed and slowly matured, our pork is succulent and flavoursome.


Farmed on Welney Marshes, Upwell, our lamb is among the country’s finest. Enjoy a leg, studded with rosemary and garlic, roasted just long enough to leave the meat tenderly pink in the middle, or a shoulder cut, gently slow-cooked. Chops and cutlets are perfect cuts for a BBQ and have a flavour of their own, when cooked over the coals.

Water buffalo

Lean and tasty, E.H Prior is proud to farm, butcher and sell its own herd of water buffalo meat. Locally grazed, the distinctive curved horns of the magnificent creatures are a sight to behold, and the delicious meat is perfect for a BBQ grill or braised long and slow. Why not try something different?

Poultry and game

E. H. Prior offers a wide range of poultry including chicken, cockerel, duck, turkey, goose, pheasant and seasonal game. Our delicious RSPCA Farm Assured chickens are packed with flavour and we are happy to prepare birds to your requirements. We are a proud supplier of award-winning Godwick Turkeys which has been farming Norfolk Black and Bronze free-range turkeys for more than 50 years.


Sausages are an essential ingredient for any cookout, and at E. H. Prior we make all of our links onsite using only high quality, locally sourced meat. A bestseller is our traditional pork sausage, followed closely by our Lincolnshire variety which has plenty of flavour. Don't miss our traditional Victorian breakfast and Welsh Dragon sausages too – in fact, why not try them all?


At our Dersingham butcher’s store, we offer a selection of locally-sourced, seasonal produce, picked for freshness and flavour. Our asparagus travels less than 40 minutes from Sharrington, as do our summer strawberries, which are renowned for their sweet flavour. And in autumn you’ll discover a wealth of wonderful local apple varieties from nearby Drove Orchards – freshly picked, they’re full of flavour that supermarket apples just can’t match.


Alongside a range of high quality cooked meats and cheeses, our delicatessen counter features a fantastic range of freshly made pork pies, sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, black pudding Scotch eggs and delicious quiches, all handmade and baked instore. Prepared on site by our kitchen team, our hot pie counter features a variety of flavours, turnovers and pasties.


E. H. Prior loves to support Norfolk food producers and at our Dersingham butcher’s store we stock a wide range of products including apple juice from the nearby Sandringham Estate, coffee from King’s Lynn’s Tropics, bread from Fakenham's Krusty Loaf, plus tasty treats including fruit pies and sponge cakes baked in our kitchen, and a variety of locally-harvested honey.


On our shelves you’ll find a select range of hand-picked fine wines to pair with your lunch or dinner, plus a smashing set of beers bottled by the team at Heacham's Fox & Hounds micro-brewery. Grab a bottle and you’re all set for a great meal.